About Us

Specialize in non-food assortments

Who We Are?

Our Company

Established in 2010, Next Industries Company Limited is always next to you, next to your daily life, and next to your business. We are offering and supplying a wide range of good quality, innovative housewares to you. We source different kind of materials to find unique and advanced products with the correct mix of quality and price for our customers.Besides items are made of Stainless steel, we are professional in the art of ceramics which could be in the form of Porcelain, Stoneware, Earthenware, Terra-cotta and Giftware with other accessory. We are well prepared to suggest or advise you on the most suitable material, as well as design applications to make sure the final piece of art is what you expected.

Our Teams

Our Research and Development Team constantly review market trends and our experienced in-house designers are working closely with clients in different OEM and ODM projects. Next have earned the praise from clients for delivering the latest trends in the tabletop industry.

Our Art Team aims at working out the best possible packaging to make sure clients’ ideas are well represented with necessary protection for delivery and marketing.

In order to ensure every product reaches customer expectations we have a professional team in Chaozhou who are working closely with factory for product development and responsible for products inspection before shipment is made, getting customer right sample and minimizing rejection of every shipped products are part of our goal.

This is definitely our pleasure to be your partner for your continued growth and success. We will be always next to you.